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What Students Want When Looking for Accommodation in Brisbane

Real Estate

Whether you are looking for Griffith College student accommodation or one near QUT, if you are just like most students, you will look for almost the same things. There are many student accommodation options to choose from in Brisbane but not all of them have what you want or need. What do students look for when it comes to their accommodations? Here is a list:

  1. Own bathroom – Not having to share a common bathroom with a few dozen other students is a feature that not all student accommodations have. If you choose a room with its own bathroom, you may have to pay a higher price. The upside, however, is you don’t have to worry about waiting in line for your turn and being late to class because of this.
  2. Free WiFi – Another feature most students look for when looking for Griffith College student accommodation or a place to stay near QUT is one with free WiFi. Being connected is important not only for research and your studies but also for social needs and for keeping in touch with family.
  3. Safety and security – What good is a high-end room near your chosen school if it doesn’t guarantee your security and safety while you’re there? A student accommodation that offers utmost safety and security by way of exclusive access to the building, CCTV, and other features should be on top of your list.
  4. Convenient location – If you are studying at Queensland University of Technology, student accommodation in Brisbane near QUT is your ideal choice. The same goes for students going to Griffith College. An accommodation that is near this school should be considered first before looking at other options.
  5. One-bill every month – This convenience can only be had with student rooms that are all-inclusive. In other words, your rent already covers utility payments. This allows students not to worry about forgetting to pay their monthly utility bills since these are already covered by their rent.
  6. Social settings within the building – Making friends is easier when you have common areas where you can mingle and interact with students like you. The student accommodation QUT Gardens Point enrolees choose include shared homes, student complexes, and apartment buildings. If you want to have lots of fellow students to interact with, shared homes and student complexes are your best bets.
  7. Customizable rooms – Majority of the rooms you can rent when you go to college come fully furnished. Very few allow customization of rooms and the addition of your personal furniture to the mix. If you want Griffith College student accommodation that allows this, renting your own condo unit or finding a bare apartment is what you should do.

These are some of the features students look for when they are trying to find the perfect Brisbane City university student accommodation to rent. Some look for accommodations that give them access to a kitchen while some aim for one that has additional amenities like a laundry room and a pool. One option you should consider for quality student accommodation in Brisbane is Student One. They have three locations for you to choose from, with each one offering utmost security, free WiFi, and other sterling services.