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The Foundation Of An Effective Litter Bin Strategy

People take litter bins for granted.

Rubbish bins are expected to always be nearby, clean, easy to spot and accessible— whenever people need them.

However, the process of buying green bins for sale and managing litter bins for a community and making it work effectively is not that simple.

To help you with your community litter bin planning, here is a guide to help build the foundation of your community litter bin strategy.

  1. Placement First

The position and placement of a litter bin are important, particularly when tackling the litter hotspots.

You probably know where those hotspots are— bus stops, near schools, pubs, fast-food outlets, vacant land, parks or public markets.

In general, anywhere people gather, there is a chance that litter will also follow.

  1. What Goes Together?

After you decide the correct placement of litter bins, you will now decide which bins go together.

A key part of community litter prevention is encouraging people to determine where their waste needs to go.

If you brought separate plastic wheelie bins for sale for general waste and recycling, then you need to place them together and make it easy for the people to segregate their trash.

Another reason to put separate bins together is that people tend to be lazy. A short distance between the bins can put them off and can cause them to litter more or just throw their garbage to the nearest bin.

  1. Monitoring

A crucial part of any plan, monitoring provides insight on your strategy as well as the action you will need to take,

In this case, it can help notify you when it is time to collect the litter. Also, it gives you data on whether the bins need to be moved where they will be more effective and whether you will need to buy new green bins for sale.

  1. Don’t Make It A Problem

Litter bins are only beneficial if they can be used.

However, when they start to overflow, they become the very problem you are trying to solve.

Litter leads to more litter. People are more likely to throw their rubbish next to an overflowing bin or somewhere else.

In order to ensure that your bins stay effective and usable, you will need to be vigilant in emptying these bins.

This is why, your monitoring is a crucial step in an effective litter bin strategy, allowing you to develop a better collection schedule or whether you should upgrade with the bigger 240L wheelie bin for sale.

  1. Get Help

The local unit can’t do all the work alone.

So, sometimes it is great to have a helping hand.

If you can’t monitor every litter bins all the time, you can ask for help from the community, especially those who want to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Get people to report you of any overflowing bins that need to be emptied sooner or if there are damaged bins, rendering them useless so you can buy replacement refuse bins for sale instantly.

How do you do that?

Include a phone number on the side of the bin so that people can quickly report.

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